richting focus

This element focuses on the development of a clear strategy and focus. Employees will be more involved and motivated if they know why they perform certain work instead of what they perform.

Without a clear strategy, the organization’s objective is not reached effectively. To make certain that objectives are met, focus is needed. . The required time and resources need to be allocated and the management have to stick to the set priorities.

“If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got”


Strategic planning or company strategy is deciding between multiple alternative directions along the main direction of the organization. To achieve Operational Excellence and desired operational results, a well-defined strategy for execution and application needs to be determined. The process of continuous improvement and innovation starts with defining a clear strategy that will lead to the differentiation of the organization from other organizations. Techniques contributing well to this are the Business Model Canvas and Hoshin Kanri
For a clear direction and focus the following elements are important:

• The vision and mission are established, visible and known throughout the company.
• The core values are established and treasured by all employees
• There is a clear long-term strategy
• There is a clear focus and the objectives are achievable
• The management is able to keep focus, even if difficulties are faced.