You want to develop yourself in the field of continuous improvement. This makes you better able to tackle problems in your organization effectively. There are different methods and levels, such as Kaizen, Lean or Six Sigma, in which you can develop yourself. Which methodology and training fits best depends on the one hand of the challenge your organization faces and on the other hand of your own interest, function, and experience. This page provides insight into the training that suits you best.

Training in the field of continuous improvement

The training that suits your organization the best depends on the CIMM level. This is the level at which your organization performs in the area of Operational Excellence. By making the online assessment, you will gain insight into this level. Thereafter, you can see below which training fits best with this level.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – BootcampHVE-HVE+Read more

CIMM Training Educational level More information
I 5S workplace organistation All Read more
I Training Within Industry (TWI) All Read more
II Kaizen (Go to Gemba) All Read more
II Visual workplace All Read more
III Lean Yellow Belt SVE-HVE Read more
III Lean Green Belt HVE-HVE+ Read more
III Lean Black Belt HVE-HVE+ Read more
IV Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt SVE-HVE Read more
IV Lean Six Sigma Green Belt HVE-HVE+ Read more
IV Lean Six Sigma Black Belt HVE+ Read more
V Design for Excellence (DfSS) HVE+ Read more
V SMART Industry & Industry 4.0 HVE+ Read more

*) Duration of training depends on the situation

In addition to the aforementioned training courses in the field of continuous improvement, we also organize a series of master classes. Click here for a complete overview of all master classes.

Training Quality Management and Automotive

In addition to training in the field of continuous improvement, Symbol also offers training courses in the field of quality management and automotive. Symbol is in the Netherlands the provider of automotive training in the field of quality management. We are already working for about 80% of automotive suppliers and OEMs in the Netherlands.

Training Days Educational level More information
ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management * SVE-HVE Read more
Working in the Automotive Industry 4 SVE-HVE Read more
IATF 16949-2016 Transitie * HVE-HVE+ Read more
Interne Auditing IATF16949:2016 2, 3 or 5 HVE-HVE+ Read more
IATF16949 en Core Tools 2 HVE-HVE+ Read more
APQP & PPAP * HVE-HVE+ Read more
Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) * SVE-HVE Read more
Measurement System Analysis (MSA) * SVE-HVE Read more

*) Duration of training depends on the situation

Training or trajectory?

You talk about a training, but we prefer to speak of a development process. In practice, the training serves a higher purpose, namely contributing to your personal development and contributing to organizational development. In both cases, following a training is only a part of it. For the full achievement of your objective, we advise you to link a concrete improvement project to your study program. These improvement projects must have a link with the improvement strategy of the organization or department.

Our vision of training
Symbol is a renowned trainer in the field of organizational development, process improvement, and quality management. Thousands of people follow our training, which helps them to organize processes more efficiently and improve quality, every year. Enthusiastic and experienced trainers educate the theory in a practical way.

We believe that a good balance between formal and informal learning is important and we, therefore, work according to the ‘Show – Participate – Do it yourself’ principle. We are convinced that moderation is more important than teaching. The key is learning from the experiences of the trainer and of the other participants. As Confucius said more than 2,000 years ago: ‘I remember 10% of what I hear, but 90% of what I hear, see and do’.