Professional project management with lasting impact

Symbol’s customers praise the unique combination of strategy, competence and realization with which we create lasting impact within organization-wide improvement programs. Symbol stands out from other organizations because we help where necessary, so that all three elements are given the exact right interpretation for a permanent culture of improvement and lasting results.

+ Strategy

We design a program based on the organizational strategy or the operational improvement strategy of your organization. This is followed by the project selection after which we determine what kind of competence development is needed. But there is one step before all of this. To improve successfully, specific insight into the degree of Operational Excellence and process maturity of your organization is essential. For this, Symbol developed the CIMM Scan.

+ Competence

What better way to gain knowledge of Lean Six Sigma / Agile / Scrum and Data Analytics than with Symbol? Our second pillar is “competence” for a reason. In training we use exercises, practical cases and Lean games. This allows you to quickly gain knowledge and the basic skills to get you started. You then acquire the more advanced skills by carrying out your own improvement project.

+ Realization

Our final pillar focuses on the implementation of projects. Projects and teams are selected based on strategic or operational objectives. Trained improvers in your organization are designated as project leaders or team members and are coached by Black Belts and Symbol. The result is amazing. The taught approach and techniques are quickly put into practice, so that improvements are made and safeguarded to make sure they last. The result? Cost savings, increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

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