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  • Lean Black Belts are the designers of a Lean implementation process. The Lean Black Belt selects the right improvement projects that help the organization realize its strategic and operational objectives. The Lean Black Belt is the link between the management and the improvement teams and has the challenging task of getting everyone involved and enthusiastic.

    For whom

    Managers and project managers who want to implement ‘Lean’ in their organization or have already started with it.


    In this training, you will learn how to convert an improvement strategy into a concrete action plan. Where does the organization stand now, where does the organization go and what needs to be done to achieve the objectives. Selecting the right projects and improvement instruments are an important of it. In addition to composing a thorough action plan, we will discuss how you can involve employees in the continuous improvement process and how you deal with resistance to change.


    8 days.


    HVE / HVE +.

    Study load

    You get the most benefit from a Lean Black Belt training if you study the subject matter after each block and when you already go through subject matter of the next training block. Our rule of thumb is 8 hours of teaching is 8 hours of preparation and study. The study load is, therefore, approximately 64 hours.

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    What is the content of the Lean Black Belt training?

    The following topics are covered during this 8-day Lean Black Belt training:
    ● Experiencing Lean by playing a process simulation
    ● History of Lean and continuous improvement
    ● Lean principles (Value, Value stream, Flow, Pull, Continuous improvement)
    ● Describe customer value (Voice of the Customer)
    ● Smart organization of your own working environment with the help of 5S
    ● The importance of standardized working
    ● Following the correct improvement approach (PDCA, DMAIC)
    ● Mapping and eliminating waste (‘Muda’)
    ● Active involvement in a continuous improvement project (Kaizen)
    ● Research into the root cause (Root Cause analyzes)
    ● Apply Lean instruments
    ● The importance of error-free (First Time Right / Poka Yoke)
    ● Calculate and assess Lean performance indicators
    ● Set up a project assignment (project charter) and A3 reporting
    ● Forming and managing an improvement team
    ● Establishing a value stream (Current State)
    ● Visualizing the improvement potential (Future State)
    ● Develop standards and work instructions
    ● Assess and improve the quality management system
    ● Reducing overload (‘Muri’)
    ● Reducing imbalance (‘Mura’)
    ● Performing risk analysis (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
    ● Setting up and maintaining a continuous improvement culture (Kaizen)
    ● Determine the current level of development of the organization (CIMM assessment)
    ● Value strategies
    ● Translate from strategy to concrete improvement projects
    ● Lean leadership
    ● Compiling and developing teams
    ● Monitoring project progress
    ● Change management and dealing with resistance
    ● Developing the ideal situation (Value Stream Map Future State)
    ● Process control based on control cards (Statistical Process Control)

  • Your investment

    In the Open schedule, this 8-day Lean Black Belt training costs € 4,095, – per person.

    This price includes:

    ● Dutch-language training manual with all presentations
    ● The book “Lean Practitioner & Lean Expert”
    ● Exercise book
    ● Templates
    ● Lean game
    ● Official certificate of participation
    ● Lunch

    Package Deal
    We can offer you the following package:

    ● 8-day Lean Expert (Lean Black Belt) training
    ● 2 days Coaching
    ● Theory certification (via LSSA)
    ● Practical certification (via LSSA)

    The Package Deal comes with a price of € 6.995, -.

    If you want to make use of this offer, please tick ‘packagedeal’ on the registration form. Please note in your planning that the entire process, including practical certification, must be completed within 3 years after the start of the training.

    Prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

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    This training can be provided in-company for every organization in every industry. An in-company training offers you the opportunity to make the training organization-specific so that during the training the translation is made directly between the theory and your own practice. Please contact us for the various possibilities.

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  • Certification

    By default all students receive a certificate of participation. In addition, we offer the possibility to obtain an internationally recognized certificate for the Lean Yellow Belt training. To this end, we work together with the LSSA (Lean Six Sigma Academy). The exam is in Dutch.

    Symbol is a so-called ATO (Accredited Training Organization). You can, therefore, register directly with us.

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