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    Project managers, department managers, (business) consultants and process owners. Design, process, and quality engineers, production and quality managers.


    After this training, you have an extended set of tools to analyze processes in a different manner. You can judge process presentations more objectively and your support your findings with statistics. In this training, you learn furthermore how organizations and processes can be organized more efficient and effective. This translates into low operational costs, a higher customer satisfaction, and a more agile organization.


    This training takes 16 days.


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    Study load

    For an optimal result, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training requires the necessary time investment. Normally 8 hours of training requires 8 hours of study and preparation. We advise you after each block to study the next training block in advance. The study load in total is around 128 hours.

    Minitab 19 license for free

    For both the training and the project you need to have Microsoft Office Excel and a Minitab license. Symbol is a Minitab Gold Partner. This means that as a Lean Six Sigma trainee at Symbol you will receive a full Minitab license for free for the duration of your training!

    Free inspiration days

    You can participate for free at the Symbol inspiration days of that are organized 2 to 3 times a year

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  • What is the content of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training?

    • Lean Management Principles (Value, Flow, Pull,…)
    • Project Management (Project Charter, DMAIC,..)
    • Production Management (TOC, TPM, OEE, SMED,…)
    • Voice of the Customer & CTQ Flowdown
    • QFD – Quality Function Deployment
    • Process Performance Metrics
    • Process management (PFM, SIPOC, VSM)
    • Deepening in use of Minitab
    • Problem Solving (8D, Cause & Effect, 5-why,…)
    • SPC advanced – Statistical Process Control
    • MSA advanced – Measure system analysis
    • Process Capability & Performance (Cp, Cpk etc.
    • Design for excellence (DFM/A, DfSS, Reliability Eng., Tolerance analysis,…)
    • DFMEA / PFMEA – Failure Mode & Effect Analysis & Control plan
    • Setting up and excecuting experiments using Design of Experiments (DOE, RSM,…)
    • Statistical analysis (Non-normal data, Multiple Regression, Transformations,…)
    • Analysing of attributive data (Chi-square, Attributive Agreement,…)
    • Hoshin planning, Project selection & Project tracking
    • CAP – Change Acceleration Process & Human Dynamics
    • Lean simulation-game, Six Sigma cases & trial exam

  • Your investment

    In the open schedule this 16 days Lean Six Sigma Black Belt education costs € 7.995,- p.p.

    This price includes:

    • Theory book ‘Lean Six Sigma Black Belt’ (English)
    • Excersise book ‘Excersises Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belts’ (English)
    • Two traning manuals with all presentations
    • Templates
    • Trial version Minitab
    • Lean game
    • Official certificate of participation
    • Lunch
    • Days of inspiration

    Plus Package

    We can offer you the following package:

    • 12 hours of project coaching
    • Theory certification (via LSSA, including 1x re-examination)

    The prices are without VAT.

    lean six sigma green to black belt

  • Internationally recognized certificate

    For our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, the possibility is offered to get via the LSSA (Lean Six Sigma Academy) an internationally recognized certificate. The complete exam includes a theory and a practical part.
    The exam is taken according to the guidelines of the LSSA.
    The practice projects are evaluated by the LSSA. For both elements (theory and practice) you will receive a partial certificate. The complete Lean Six Sigma certificate requires a sufficient score for both theory and practice.

    Symbol is a so-called ATO (Accredited Training Organization). Therefore you can sign up directly by us.

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Course participants assess our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training with a 8.6 out of 10 stars. Based on 243 reviews.