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Each organization faces the same challenge: “How to deliver products and services with maximum value for our customers, at the lowest possible costs and with the shortest delivery time possible?”. Even when an organization offers amazing products or the best services, they need to be delivered efficiently, predictable and without mistakes.

We assist companies and organizations in the field of organizational developments, continuous improvements, quality management and change management. We analyze the company’s current state using the CIMM-framework and we define the objectives for the future together. Our consultants and interim professionals support the implementation of the improvement strategy and ensure that the improvements are being secured within the organization. We operate in many different branches, including automotive, food, high-tech, healthcare and education.

What is consultancy?

For professionals in the business services the words like ‘consultants’ and ‘consultancy’ are common words, but what does it actually mean?

In practice consulting means the offering of expertise to a third party. This service can relate to advising or implementing. The consultant takes in an independent role. Consultancy can, in fact, be used in every branch.

Consultancy is founded in the 19th century with the establishment of world’s first consulting organization, better known as organization consultancy firms. These first consultancy firms addressed the financial and technical problems of an organization. At the moment there are more than 100.000 consultancy firms in the Netherlands only divided over countless sectors and branches.