Sustainable improvement in the chemical industry
Professional project management with lasting impact 

In terms of turnover, the Dutch chemical industry is the fourth largest in Europe and the tenth largest worldwide. The industry makes a major contribution to the Dutch economy and the Dutch are renowned for their expertise in the chemical field. The sector itself has drawn up an attainable outlook for the chemical industry in 2030. Having a sustainable competitive advantage is of great importance in the international playing field. An efficiently organized organization plays an important role in this. Together with you, we identify the strategic points for improvement within your organization through an assessment and ensure a better return by implementing sustainable improvements with techniques such as Lean Six Sigma.

The Dutch chemical industry is fully committed to a transition to a low-carbon industry (source: VNCI). Central to this are ambitious innovation, cost reduction and sustainability within the industry. Outside of that, the intended development will have positive consequences for the societal transition to a low-carbon, high quality of life, circular economy.

To shape these developments, the chemical industry is constantly looking for new products and techniques to achieve a sustainable future. Scientific discoveries and innovation in almost every sector are crucial to this. Scientific research allows us to improve our daily products in performance and sustainability.

Symbol’s consultants assist the chemical industry with the implementation of projects that focus on a sustainable future. Symbol’s high level of expertise challenges the industry and its employees to apply techniques such as Lean Six Sigma and Big Data Analytics, which leads to a reliable process with profit maximization and cost reduction as a result. In short, Symbol ensures sustainable improvement with returns.

Specific improvement projects

Symbol guides organizations with the implementation of relevant projects such as:

  • Defining strategic projects together with plant management such as: fouling prevention, operational reliability, manufacturing intelligence, energy optimization, waste reduction, product development & qualification
  • Rolling out TPM, Lean and/ or Six Sigma within an organization
  • Coaching Green and Black Belts in successfully implementing strategic breakthrough projects
  • Performing data analyses to control the process by, for example, conducting a feasibility study or implementing process and product measurement systems (MSA)
  • The implementation and successful implementation of FMEA, MSA, SPC and 8D.

Develop the competencies within your organization with targeted training

When realizing a culture of continuous improvement, it is important to look at the skills of the employees. After all, the right knowledge is essential to efficiently identify and realize improvements. In addition to Lean and Lean Six Sigma training, Symbol provides specific training such as Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization & Exploratory Data Analysis with JMP, Agile Project management, MSA, FMEA, SPC and 8D. Please contact us for your best options.

Proven results and expertise within our organization

Our consultants have written several specific white papers on topics that are applicable in the chemical industry, among others. Contact us to get your copy
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