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    Generally, the training Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is meant for project leaders, department managers, process owners and process managers. Within the industry also for design, process and quality engineers. After this training, there is the possibility to flow through to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.


    After this training, you will look different at processes. You are able to identify excess activities and judge process performance more objectively. You master the instruments that allow you to organize processes more efficiently and reduce errors. The result is better-processed performance and higher quality. This translates into lower costs and higher customer satisfaction


    This training takes 8 days.


    HBO/HBO+. Affinity with statistics is desirable.

    Study load

    You get the most benefit from a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training if you study the material after each block and go through the next training block. Our rule of thumb is 8 hours of teaching is 8 hours of preparation and study. The study load is therefore approximately 64 hours.

    Lean Game

    During the training, the ‘Lean game’ is played. In the training, designed specifically for the industry an airplane factory will be simulated. There is an ‘office game’ for the service sector and also for the healthcare a real situation is imitated.

    Minitab 18

    minitab 18 training
    For the training as well as for the project you must have Microsoft Office Excel and a license for Minitab. For Minitab, there is especially for training objectives a trial version of 30 days. Look for this on the website of Minitab.

    Days of inspiration

    You can participate in the Symbol days of inspiration that are organized 2 to 3 times a year in Amersfoort. On this page, you can find the date and the program for the first following day of inspiration.

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  • What is the content of the Green Belt training?

    • Lean Management Principles (Value, Flow, Pull,…)
    • Project Management (Roles & Responsibilities, Project Charter, DMAIC)
    • Voice of the Customer & CTQ Flowdown
    • Process Performance Metrics
    • Process Flow Mapping & SIPOC
    • Problem-solving (8D, Cause & Effect, 5-why,…)
    • Visualisation of data using Minitab
    • (Pareto, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Dot Plot, Histogram, Box Plot, Time series Plot, Scatter Plot)
    • Statistical techniques (Hypotheses, Correlation, Regression, ANOVA, probability calculation,…)
    • 5S Workspace Organisation
    • VSM – Value Stream Mapping (Current & Future)
    • SPC – Statistical Process Control
    • MSA – Measure system analysis
    • Cpk – Process Capability & Performance
    • FMEA – Failure Mode Effect Analysis & Control plan
    • DOE – Design of Experiments
    • Kaizen Continuous improvement / PDCA
    • Lean Simulation game, Six Sigma case & trial exam

  • Your investment

    In the open schedule, this 8-day training costs € 3.850,- p.p.
    This price includes:

    • Theory book ‘Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belts’ (Dutch)
    • Dutch training manual including all presentations
    • Templates
    • The trial version of Minitab
    • Lean game
    • Official certificate of participation
    • Lunch
    • Days of inspiration

    Package Deal

    To achieve the maximum out of your training, we recommend you to immediately pick up a Green Belt project in your organization. In that case, We can offer you the following package deal:
    • 8-days Green Belt training
    • 1,5 days of coaching
    • Theory certification (via LSSA)
    • Practice certification (via LSSA)

    The price for this is € 5.995,-.

    Do you want to make use of this offer, check the ‘package deal’ box on the form of registration? Please take into account that the whole traject, including practice certification, needs to be completed within 3 years.

    The prices are without VAT.

    lean six sigma green belt materiaal


    This training can be given incompany. An incompany training offers you the possibility to make the training organization specific so that during the training there is a direct translation between theory and practice.

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    We welcome you in advance. Select in the list down below first the date and location, afterward fill in your personal data. To sign up multiple participants you will need to fill in the form for every participant. It is also possible to contact us and mail us the names of the participants.

    PS: The sign-up form works best in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera. The use of Internet Explorer (namely the older versions) and iOS can give problems.

  • Internationally recognized certificate

    For our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training the possibility is offered to get via the LSSA (Lean Six Sigma Academy) an internationally recognized certificate. The complete exam includes a theory and a practical part.
    The exam is taken according to the guidelines of the LSSA.
    The practice projects are evaluated by the LSSA. For both elements (theory and practice) you will receive a partial certificate. The complete Lean Six Sigma certificate requires a sufficient score for both theory and practice.

    Symbol is a so-called ATO (Accredited Training Organization). Therefore you can sign up directly by us.

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Course participants assess our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with a 8.6 out of 10 stars. Based on 243 reviews.