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  • You have already followed the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and you are enthusiastic about your first improvements. Now you are ready for an in-depth comprehension of the Lean Six Sigma methodology: this upgrade to Black Belt is exactly what you need. As soon as you are a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt you can:

    – Identify and solve problems efficiently and structurally
    – Manage improvement projects and change projects decisively
    – Act on strategic level of policy deployment
    – Train Yellow Belts and Green Belts
    – Gain better process performance and higher product quality.
    – Lower costs and grow customer satisfaction.

    For whom

    All persons that followed the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. Have you followed a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training elsewhere? Then please consult the content of the LSSA Green Belt syllabus to see if your education matches the strict requirements.


    In this training you will learn how to translate an improvement strategy to a concrete approach. Where is the organization now, where is the organization going and what needs to be done to achieve its objectives? Furthermore you will learn how to select the right projects and improvement strategies. We discuss how you can involve the employees in the continuous improvement process and how you deal with resistance to change.


    This training consists of 8 days, including 2 coaching days


    HBO/HBO+ and followed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Affinity with statistics is desirable

    Study load

    You will get the best ROI on this course when you study the subject matter after every 2 consecutive training days. Also, please come prepared: always study ahead.
    Take 8 hrs of training = 8 hrs of preparation in account

    Minitab license for free

    For both the training and the project you need to have Microsoft Office Excel and a Minitab license. Symbol is a Minitab Gold Partner. This means that as a Lean Six Sigma trainee at Symbol you will receive a full Minitab license for free for the duration of your training!

    Inspiration days

    You can participate in the Symbol Inspiration days that are organized 2 to 3 times a year in Amersfoort (Holland).

    Recommended courses

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  • What is the content of the Green to Black Belt training?

    • More in-depth knowledge of the Lean tools
    • Setting up a Lean Six Sigma organization
    • TPM and OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • More in-depth knowledge of the Measurement System Analysis
    • More in-depth knowledge of the usage of Minitab
    • Scrum Project management
    • Deepening in SPC (Between/Within, Moving Average, EWMA, CUSUM, Zone Chart)
    • Short Run Control Charts
    • Design for Excellence (DFM/A, DfSS, Reliability Eng., Tolerance analysis,..)
    • QFD – Quality Function Deployment
    • Linking of QFD and Design FMEA
    • Deepening in Design of Experiments (Fractional DOE, RSM)
    • Statistical analysis (Non-normal data, Multiple Regression, Transformations,…)
    • Analyses of attributive data (Attributive Agreement,…)
    • Hoshin planning & Project tracking
    • Introduction to Lean Accounting
    • CAP – Change Acceleration Process & Human Dynamics

  • Your investment

    In the open timetable, this 8 day Lean Six Sigma Green to Black Belt training costs €4.095,- p.p.

    This price includes:

    • Theory book ‘Lean Six Sigma Black Belt’ (English)
    • Exercise book ‘Exercises Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belts’
    • Two training manuals incluiding all presentations
    • Templates
    • Trial version Minitab
    • Lean game
    • Official certificate of participation
    • Lunch
    • Inspiration Days

    Prices are excluding VAT

    Incompany (price on request)

    This training can be given incompany. An incompany training offers you the possibility to make the training organization specific so that during the training there is a direct translation between theory and practice.

    Request quotation

  • Internationally recognized certificate

    For our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training, the possibility is offered to receive an internationally recognized certificate via the LSSA (Lean Six Sigma Academy). The complete exam contains a theory and a practice part. The exam is taking according to the guidelines of the LSSA.
    The practice projects are graded by the LSSA. For both parts (theory and practice) you will receive a partial certificate. The complete Lean Six Sigma certificate requires a sufficient for both the theory as the practice part.

    Symbol is a so-called ATO (Accredited Training Organization). Therefore you can sign up directly by us.

  • Do you have any questions about this training?

    Rose Geerts and Saskia Smit can answer all your questions, or help you with your registration. Call us on 0031 (0)53-2030240 or fill in the form below.