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  • Symbol has set up a special room on the second floor of her office in Enschede as Lean Experience Center (LEC). This is a bicycle factory, where a team of employees is challenged to run this ‘factory’ as efficiently and logistically as possible. Participants experience first-hand the benefits of Lean work.

    When participants working on the design of the processes in this Center themselves, they will experience what Lean can actually bring to the organization and themselves. As the Chinese philosopher, Confucius remarked 2000 years ago: “I remember 10% of what I hear, but 90% of what I hear, see and do”. Through ‘serious gaming’, a learning technique in which participants learn by doing, the most important Lean methodologies are transferred step by step and put into practice.

    As in practice, we at the Lean Experience Center have different departments with different functions that have to be fulfilled with a very realistic simulation of processes. There are sub and final assembly activities and there is a warehouse with semi-finished products, so pick and transport activities are needed. The output of the process is bicycles and scooters. In total there are more than 50 variants. Because we assemble all these variants, we also have to deal with aspects such as changeover times and differences in lead times. The bicycle is just an example. During the training, the link is made to other types of processes, both technical processes and office processes.

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    For whom

    Every employee who is directly or indirectly involved in process improvement or in working more efficiently.


    Through an interactive program, participants get insight into the basic concepts of Lean. We achieve this by letting them experience the results themselves if the Lean principles are used. When the eyes of the participants are finally opened, everyone is able to name what this means for their own work and work environment. This is also ideal for ‘Teambuilding’.

    Organization and duration

    This LEC training takes 1 day. After the first full day, the next half day follows after one week. This training is given in-company.


    What does The Lean experience mean?

    The Lean game simulates a production process, in this case, a bicycle factory. We play different rounds, with theory and suggestions in between. The first round will not lead to the desired result and the factory will lose profit. After a few tips, the teams are given the time to analyze their own process and method. This comes down to ‘Making no mistakes’, ‘Working well together and communicating’, ‘Balancing work’, ‘One-Piece-Flow’, ‘Pull’ and ‘Controlling work in progress’. Proper preparation and cooperation will ultimately lead to an amazing result in the third round!


    ● The 5 Lean principles and the 8 types of waste
    ● Value: Determine what value is for the customer
    ● Value stream: Identify the value stream
    ● Pull: Producing / Delivering based on demand
    ● Flow: Let the products flow smoothly through the process
    ● Identifying and eliminating waste
    ● The Kaizen improvement culture
    ● Perfection: Continuous improvement (PDCA)
    ● First Time Right principle
    ● Roles and responsibilities
    ● Working together as a team
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