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Why: Improvement is everywhere

We believe that it is always possible to do it differently and better. We believe that even within the best companies and organizations there are opportunities for improvement. We also believe that every employee in the organization has a role to play in the improvement process, directly or indirectly.

How: Inspiring people, Improving processes

We develop organizations by inspiring employees and improving processes. Inspiration is the driving force behind our coaching approach. Your employees are motivated to recognize their own role in the process and want to improve it. The passion and expertise of our consultants leads to tangible results for our customers.

What: Consultancy, Training & Projects

We provide advice on organizational development, continuous improvement, quality management and change management. We guide organizations in the development of an improvement strategy and subsequently in the implementation of this strategy. We map out where the organization is now and together determine the objective. We help execute the implementation plan and ensure that improvements are safeguarded in the organization. We do this in many different industries.

We provide training courses in quality management, Lean Six Sigma and Automotive. We organize open courses at multiple locations in the Netherlands and in-company training for our clients in the Netherlands and abroad. The content of our training courses are high level, yet practical and can be directly applied to the running of your company.

We carry out projects on location. Our experienced Interim professionals take responsibility for challenging projects, including the realization of a Lean transition or managing a breakthrough project. Our Young Professionals fulfill temporary positions in areas such as quality management, process improvement and data analytics. All of our Young Professionals follow a very comprehensive internal training course and are coached by an experienced consultant.